Government collage of science Multan was purpose in 1967 under the name of Government superior collage Multan.This collage was one of the five educational institutes that farmer government,west Pakistan established in various part of the country ,for standard and higher education in related articles of science. Regarding the importance and promotion of scientific education ,the collage of the collage were adorned with all the necessary equipment and were encouraged to provide students with better education and special environment than other collage. The collage building was completed in 1960 and in September this year,limited number of student were also admitted in Bsc initially collage affiliate was paused from Punjab university and it started teaching of Physics,chemistry ,Mathematics,economics statistics and English articles.Collage goals included students modernization of scientific and technical training and coordinating Modern-day needs so that they could develop new trends in their country in light of the experience of developed countries and new developments of the country.Find out. In August 1973,the Government superior Science collage Multan was renamed and placed the Government collage of Science Multan and it included FSC Pre medical,Fsc pre Engineering and Science Group (Economics statistics,Mathematics)classes that the Begird multiple numbers of students with experience can be beneficial.In the same year,classes of Bsc pass courses were also started. The government collage of science has been successful in creating an educational environment with the efforts of Multan teachers,where students engage in a specific environment of their academic abilities and are entitled to discrimination and honor in educational competitions.It is proof that students of Bahawaluddin Zakria university Multan and board of Intermediate and Scandal Education Multan are receiving discrimination position. The computer department has been setup in the collage in the year 2000-2001 computer science department which is elegant to the latest software and hardware laboratory.In the collage,ICS classes have begun higher education Technical and administrative staff has been provided MSc Physics and MSc chemistry classes have started the year 2005-2006 academic year.The year 2016(MS semester system)is confinuing under Bahawaluddin Zakria university,a four year program was started from the educational year 2015-16,initially started by commester ,Physics Mathematics,English and statistics.Classes were started in the subject Empowerment and financial support are also organized to encouraged intelligent students and hundreds of jobs provided by the government every year students get students non-functional activities and sports facilities in the collage are acceptable to this collage.The work of the students and students of the chief Minister Punjab has always been excellent.Entrepreneurship of government collage of science means Multan is to make its future bright and successful.



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