To ezamic the educational qualification of the student there are exams through out the college in the examination at students.Each students participation in examination is necessary, as per the results of pre board and pre university examination, the students are in board and university examination seating is allowed .Students who do not get good results in these exams are not permitted to participation in examination of boardwriter. Multan Boards forwarded by the students based on the internal assessment of pre-board and other examination for Fsc students. Students of the third year students are promotted to the next class in showing their successful result in college s annual examination.The names of the students absent from these examinations are considered and they are not a regular students of the college. Students who are in the promotion test will not be shown any leaflet nor will be entitled to any legal proceeding,nor the promotion test will be reopened. Due to the rules of the Board and university,the same students will be able to examine,which will complete atleast 75% attendace in each article, such as those whose entrance will be prevented due to decrease in the number of lecturers,they are authorized for any legal proceedings.Will not be students will automatically adopt to their lecturers.All entails will be sent for board and university examination.Students will not be entitled to legal preceding in the regard of students who do not meet 75% of the attendance days before 15 days. Further more,there will be no regularly students of Bellevue College who are in the promotion test,and they will not be entitled to any scholarships.


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