College Events

In any educational institution basically focuses on academic activites,but sports and leisure activites also go along,especially with celebration of our national festivals are organzed by all efforts and arrangements and students of the majority of the students.They attend the first day and the thumbs are awarded rewards and the certificate are also issued.The following events which are very important and national, are the essential part of every academic year.

14 August (Independence Day) Rabi ul Awal (Melad ul Nabi)
25 December (QUAID Day) 23 March (Day of Pakistan)
Ishra Muharam (Husssain R.A Day) 9 November (Iqbal Day)
5 February (Kashmir Day) 1 May (Workers Day)

A part from this there is also a series of major issues related to issues related to issue like smoking and drug prevention dengue preention and other scientific and literary exhibition in which students Personal Attraction.For the last reversal years,Chief Minister is also conducting regular meeting with the speech and writing of Quraat under the program.These level of college district Division and Punjab and cash prizes and certificate are offered by the Government Punjab to winning students regarding the information of this seminar regular seminar it is where students in the country and abroud are exposed to opportunities for education and employment so that they can make decisions on which time they have their educational capability so that they face difficulty in the future. Do not.

College Uniform

All college students are required to have a uniform in case of non compliance ,penalties or educational suspension pr exemption from college can be punished.Uniform description are as follows.

For Summer
For Girls For Boys
White Shirt,Navy Blue Black Shoes,Duplication,Scarf,Tent,Black Sucks. Ski blue shirt,Gray paint,Gray sucks,Black shoes, Black Belt
For Winnter
For Girls For Boys
White shirts,Navy blue print Scarf,Sheet,Black sucks,Black Shoes, Navy Blow Jersy,Sweater,Coat Ski blue,Shirt,Gray Paint, Gray sucks,Black Shoes,Black Belt Navy Blow Tie,Navy Blue Jesy Sweater,Coat


The uniform for the BS four year program and MSc Students for Boys only will be the following

White shirt,black paint Black sucks,Black shoes,Black Belt Navy Blow tie,Blow Jersey,sweater Coat


By acquiring the highest objective and passion of acquisition knowledge,you should be tired of the Government collage of Science Multan because you have reached a correct location and destination and travel to more major destinations is definitely very easy for you and now it will be pleasant.