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Fee and Charges

Entry Rules

⇗ The entry in the college will be according to the Board and University`s prescribed dates,which will be displayed on the college notice board.

⇗ The students wishing to enter the following documents will be submitted to the college office with the certified admission form the Gender officer.

⌲ 1.Father or Guardian ID Card (2 Photocopies)
⌲ 2.certificate of leaving school or college. (2 Photocopies)
⌲ 3.Certificate of Matriculation,FSc,BSc. (2 Photocopies)
⌲ 4.Fresh Passport size Photograph(4 Picture)
⌲ 5.Caracter Certificate. (2 Photocopies)
⌲ 6.Student Absentee\ID card. (2 Photocopies)
⌲ 7.A part from Multan Board BZU,other board universities will also have to present the examination of the original NOC.

⇗ Students who believe they will not be able to get the merit entry in a particular group can apply for other group from the beginning,But this application will be no change in the group listed on one request,for example,if a student application for the FSC Pre-Engineering.Group but dose not meet the merit,its application is given to the General science or lice Group will not be approved for it should be carefully recommended for other groups to apply separately from the beginning.This method will also apply to the BSc Four year program and MSc.

⇗ The list of selected students will be displayed on the college notice board and the students will be required to submit entry charges in fixed dates.Otherwise,their entrance privilege will end automatically.

⇗ According to the directives of the Government of Punjab, the students in the Mathematics of the year 2018 can be admitted in the Eleventh class. Review of the college council case under the Punjab Interior Policy letter no.95IV(A-1)so 27-10-3 the Board of Directors was sent by the Board to approve its recommendations. If chairman board approves then there will be no entry or entry.

⇗ The BS based four year program will be based on merit and merit will be deterained by submitting the marks of the project to the total marks.

⇗ The determination of merit will be on the bases of the number of candidates received from the following modes of Government Punjab. The overall relevance of the BS for the entry into MSc is to be at least 45 percent number.All candidates have to give written and interviewed written before the admission of the Punjab-based policy,the following methods will be based on the number of candidates received by the candidates.

⌲ 1.Number received in the relevant article.
⌲ 2.Division number in Metric FSc and BSc(First Division Five Number, Second Division Three Number and Third Division Two numbers)
⌲ 3.Written examination number.
⌲ 4.The number received in the interview.
⌲ 5.Note:A set up sports and a set is included in the MSc admission.

⇗ Students wishing to enter into the house must consider carefully consideration of subject of amine mine before they are admitted.Group or article change will not be allowed after entering an group or article. Under the rules set out by the Government one college cannot migrate in the same district two yearly. Migration can usually occur when a students father or mother is a Government employee and has been transferred to another city, and the student wants to continue his studies in the other city.So,a student under the pay a transfer of father or mother with a transfer of father or mother with a request for migration, unless it will not be allowed for migration.

Code of conduct for Students

(1) Being a Pakistani, we will try our best to fulfill our duties and to avoid unwanted actions and values
(2) We will create civilization and empowerment and we will take the attitude of moral and tolerance with the teachers.
(3) Segmentation and use of drugs is prohibited students who do not follow this will be excluded from college.
(4) Will be timely in the rooms of the schedule parties.Chantries will not rotate before or after crushing and will not rotated in the exports.
(5) When passing throw the exports,the stairs and the stairs will go and swing their right hand.
(6) Will not start again in the finished tree but only moment of leisure will only studies in the library studies will remain silent during the and will not cover and drawings.
(7) No text will be written on walls of the college,nor will advertisements pasted,they will be disciplined.
(8) The room wings will not harms the windows and glasses.
(9) Garms will not spoil and will not break flowers from the carries.
(10 ) Will take care of the races and do not pass the chamber of the chaman.
(11) The principle office staff will not be entered with out permission.
(12) College ID Card will be kept and they will be seen on student basis.
(13) No other person in college will bring the educational requirement with him.
(14) No stalls or exhibitions will be allowed in college boundries.
(15) If there is a college presence prayers will be offered at the mosque at the time of prayer.
(16) Courses will continue to be followed by the guidelines issued by the college and other rules.
(17) Student who is punished for any unusual move will not be eligible to be any association officer.
(18) Mother will love science it will take care of her clothes and clothes.
Government college of Science of Multan has set great traditions in short periods of time, after the establishment of a coordination and working class of college teachers and students. The college principle and teacher wish that these traditions should not be maintained only because they also increase significantly. For expect that every student who enters this college should completely ban college rules and not give any chance to complain about their behavior.

Parents/Guardians consultants

(1) Success is only achieved by the participation of students and teachers and parents.
(2) Contact the principal and teacher for parents or guardian to review their childhood education and behavior once a month.
(3) After college hours, save you children from the wrong environment and Keep than away from political activities and party parties so that their full attention and physical and mental power are only on acquisition Knowledge.
(4) If parents are called for advice or their child`s correction , help them through the path or it may be possible to effect the future of your childless child.
(5) Parents under stand your children that they should not refer to newspaper and other media on any issue but contact their college principal and teacher through their parents.
(6) Communicate your opinion and useful advice on college work and problems personal or writing college principal.
(7) Parents understand your children that they do not interfere with college management matters. Do not participate in any protest demonstration and do not give up with emergency arts and do not even be silent in their silent spectacle, just keep on eye on your studies.
(8) The nations most value able capital is the nation. So take time to take special care of their bright future.
(9) Our heart felt prayers good wishes and all services are with you child for the highest purpose of education.

Professor Tanvir Akhtar Khan Principal


By acquiring the highest objective and passion of acquisition knowledge,you should be tired of the Government collage of Science Multan because you have reached a correct location and destination and travel to more major destinations is definitely very easy for you and now it will be pleasant.